Below is a list of members of the regiment murdered in this year.

9 August Pte Winston Donnell Claudy
3 September Pte Frank Veitch Kinawley RUC station
1 December Pte Dennis Wilson Caledon, Curlough
8 December Pte Sean Russell New Barnsley, West Belfast
10 December Sgt Kenneth Smyth Clady



Private Sean Russell.
The 1st Catholic UDR soldier to die in the troubles. Pte Russell was murdered as he watched television when an IRA gunman forced his way into the Russell's home shooting Sean twice. Sean had been a member of the UDR from it's formation, in the days that followed the murder the IRA targeted Catholic members of the regiment with the aim of forcing them to leave.

Roll of Honour for ex members of the Regiment.
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Private Love
murdered in 1991 & this article tells you how his sister heard the news
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