Glenanne Ulster Defence Regiment Base

The Republican terrorist have a history of mounting attacks on member of the locally raised UDR. They used the largest device ever to kill three UDR soldiers at a security base in Glenanne on 31st May 1991.

The bomb containing a massive 2,000lbs of explosive was packed into a lorry and rolled it down a hill overlooking the base. It exploded by remote control after it had burst through the perimeter fence.

The terrorists watched with baited breath as the devastation unfolded. Miraculously only 3 UDR men were killed, however 14 others were injured including 4 civilians. The explosion could be heard over 30 miles away and the devastation was widespread with nearby homes destroyed. This was the fifth time in that year that the local council had to adjourn as a mark of respect due to Republican violence.

Young families were again left without a parent, all devoted to their fathers. Families had nothing left to bury such was the extent to which these men were decimated by the bomb blast, unable to give their loved ones what any human being deserves - a decent Christain burial. The scene of carnage which greeted everyone served as a reminder how evil lay hidden beneath our countryside, but willing and able to rear its head when they felt their futile cause needed to impose itself once again.

These type of security bases, such as Glenanne, protected law-abiding communities and were seen as the wall between Republican death squads and the innocent local community. Once again the protectors of life and the guardians of law and order were to pay the price of Republican hatred.

However after this atrocity this base was not only flattened but it was never re-opened. The way is now opened for the Republican terrorists to drive freely into the heart of this community now that they are afforded no protection, something which the local population are very aware of and no doubt the death squads will expose when the situation arises. All that remains in the spot where law and order once stood firm is a small memorial stone. We hope and pray that we will never have to add to the roll of honour.

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